Why did justice frankfurter want added time for the supreme court to decide on brown v. board of education?

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He needed to show an assembled choice to the country. Boss Justice Fredrick Moore Vinson, who had been assigned to the US Supreme Court by President Truman in 1946, kicked the bucket in office in 1953. President Eisenhower named Earl Warren, previous three-time Governor of California, to Vinson's position, and Warren lead the Court until his retirement in June 1969.
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N McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court ruled that

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Read the following excerpt from an essay by Stephen Leacock. What is the main idea? A friend of mine who has ten thousand dollars a year told me the other day with a sigh that he found it quite impossible to keep up with the rich. On his income he couldn't do it. A family that I know who have twenty thousand a year have told me the same thing. They can't keep up with the rich. There is no use in trying. A man that I respect very much who has an income of fifty thousand dollars a year from his law practice has told me with the greatest frankness that he finds it absolutely impossible to keep up with the rich. He says it is better to face the brutal fact of being poor. He says he can only give me a plain meal, what he calls a home dinner—it takes three men and two women to serve it—and he begs me to put up with it. As far as I remember, I have never met Mr. Carnegie. But I know that if I did he would tell me that he found it quite impossible to keep up with Mr. Rockefeller. No doubt Mr. Rockefeller has the same feeling. On the other hand there are, and there must be, rich people somewhere. I run across traces of them all the time. The janitor in the building where I work has told me that he has a rich cousin in England who is in the South-Western Railway and gets ten pounds a week. He says the railway wouldn't know what to do without him. In the same way the lady who washes at my house has a rich uncle. He lives in Winnipeg and owns his own house, clear, and has two girls at the high school. 1.Money means nothing to the rich. 2.Most rich people are very modest. 3.Most rich people live abroad. 4.The rich are never satisfied with their wealth. 5.The writer hasn’t met any really rich people.

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