A researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. Direct identifiers will not be collected; however, IP addresses may be present in the data set. Risk of harm should be evaluated by: Solely by the magnitude or severity of expected harm.

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The answer is already given at the end of the question; solely by the magnitude or severity of expected harm

When assessing risks of harm associated with participation in a research study, the probability of harm and the risk of the severity of harm are two distinctive elements of risk that must be considered. In probability of harm, the fact that not all possible harms are equally probable should be considered. How these two elements occur is a crucial factor in determining the level of risk of harm in a study. Given the sensitivity of the information in the case scenario above, the probability that an individual subject could be identified is low while the magnitude of the possible risk of harm is high.

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