Which of the following is a disadvantage of the sole proprietorship form of ownership

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Help please?? Question 1 The person responsible for preparing the payroll is often called the: payroll clerk. payroll assistant. pay accountant. master payroll clerk. 2 points Question 2 A record of the time an employee arrives and leaves each day is often kept on a: ledger card. debit card. clock watcher. time card. 2 points Question 3 An amount paid to an employee based on a percentage of the employee's sales is called a/an: wage. commission. salary. allowance. 2 points Question 4 A list displaying the employee names and the payments due to each employee for a specific pay period is called the: outstanding loans. pay stubs. payroll. pay period. 2 points Question 5 A 401(k) plan is: a mandatory deduction. a voluntary deduction. an allowance. a taxable deduction. 2 points Question 6 When an employer deposits an employee's pay into his or her personal checking account; it is called: indirect deposit. direct deposit. cashing the check. safety deposit. 2 points Question 7 Match the terms in Column I with the definitions in Column II. accumulated earnings Read Answer Items for Question 7 commission Read Answer Items for Question 7 deduction Read Answer Items for Question 7 electronic badge readers Read Answer Items for Question 7 overtime rate Read Answer Items for Question 7 salary Read Answer Items for Question 7 withholding allowance Read Answer Items for Question 7 Answer A. electronic attendance B. fixed pay C. 1.5 times D. year-to-date gross earnings E. form W4 F. income tax G. percentage on sales

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