How does the questions and answers look?Assignment Analyze Odysseus Respond to the following questions. You must provide evidence from the text to support your answers. 1. What does Odysseus’s plan to free himself and his men from Polyphemus show about his character? What is Odysseus's greatest strength? Answer: Odysseus’s plan to free himself and his men from Polyphemus shows that he is bold. Odysseus’s greatest strength is his pride.2. Odysseus's trouble begins when he tells Polyphemus his real name as he sails away from the Cyclopes' island. Give two or more reasons why Odysseus identifies himself. Answer: One reason he identifies himself is to feed his pride. Another is he feels he is claiming that he is bigger and bolder because he got his men and fled safely. 3. How does Odysseus's greatest strength become his weakness? Answer: There have been many instances where Odysseus had courage. Odysseus fought the Cyclops, blinding them during the battle and escaping Calypso. Moreover, in one of the hardships he has faced, he was able to persevere despite the interference of Poseidon while he was traveling at sea. But after he defatted the cyclops his pride took over.

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Odysseus's greatest characteristic is for sure strategy
Odysseus thought he did everything on his own like winning the war he didn't thank the god that helped so he made it so he could never go home
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