Jason has already read 27 pages of a book. He plans to read 3 pages of the book every day. If f(n) represents the total number of pages that Jason will complete reading in n days, which of the following functions represents the relationship between f(n) and n? f(n) = 27n − 3 f(n) = 3n − 27 f(n) = 27n + 3 f(n) = 3n + 27

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A and C are out because you aren't multiplying the the 27.... you're multiplying the 3 because 3 pages per (n) days. Now, we just have B and D. The only difference is that addition and subtraction sign. Lets look at the equation if you put everything in. Number of pages x Days= 3 pages per number of days - 27 pages. Why would we need to subtract the 27 if we already read those pages. We would need to add them to the equation because it hasn't been been added to the f(n) yet. Hope this helped you :)
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