Jake owns an old piece of exercise equipment. he has been using the equipment merely to hang his clothes on, so jake decides to get rid of the thing. he takes the unused exercise machine to the landfill and throws it off the back of the truck. maggie, a teenager, is at the landfill rummaging for useful items. maggie sees the exercise equipment and decides it is just the thing to give her sister for christmas, so she decides to take it home. as she is loading it into the back of her pickup truck, jake stops and tries to get it back. the landfill owner sees the commotion and decides he would like to have the equipment as well. who has the best rights in the exercise equipment?

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MAGGIE has the best rights in the exercise equipment. 

Jake lost his right of ownership of the old piece of exercise equipment when he threw it off his truck. His voluntary act of discarding said equipment shows his intent of letting the equipment go and making it free and available for anyone who wants to claim ownership on it. Even though Jake changed his mind, Maggie already has prior claim on the equipment and her claim supersedes the Jake's claim. 
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