Sydney flips a coin and rolls a standard number cube. Find the probability that the coin will show tails and the cube will show an odd number.

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Before we attempt to solve, let's establish the fractions.

A coin has 2 sides; Heads and tails.
The chances of landing on either side is 1/2.

A standard number cube is numbered from 1-6. Since we're looking for the probability of an ODD number, let's count how many odds we have.
Odds in a standard number cube;
1, 3, 5.
3/6 (or 1/2 simplified) numbers on a standard number cube are odd.

So, since we're multiplying, let's find the product of our probabilities.

1/2 • 1/2 = 1/4.

Your probability is 1/4.

I hope this helps!
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