The non-profit organization you volunteer for is throwing a fundraiser cookout. You are in charge of buying the hamburgers, which cost $3 per pound, and hot dogs, which cost $2 per pound. The meat budget you are given totals $600 dollars. The inequality 3x + 2y less than or equal to 600 represents the possible combinations of pounds of hamburgers (x) and hot dogs (y) you can buy. graph of the inequality 3 x plus 2 y is less than or equal to 600 Which of the following represents a solution to the inequality? 200 pounds of hamburgers and 140 pounds of hot dogs 150 pounds of hamburgers and 60 pounds of hot dogs 100 pounds of hamburgers and 240 pounds of hot dogs 240 pounds of hamburgers and 40 pounds of hot dogs

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150lbs of hamburger and 60 lbs of hot dogs
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