There are 20 alligator in the swamp each year the number of alligators increases by 25% there are 25 crocodiles in the swap each year, 10 new crocodiles join the swamp. Part AWrite a fuction to represent the number of alligators and crocodiles in the swamp troughout the years .part B how many alligators are in the swamp after 4 years? How many crocodiles the same? Justify your answer mathematically

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Part a
alligators: y=20(1.25)^x where x is years
crocodiles: y=10x+25

part b


y=20(1.25^4) = 48.82 so about 48 to 49

exponential growth since the number of alligators increases by a percentage


y= 10(4)+25 = 65

linear growth since the number of crocodiles increases by the same amount each year

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