Youre on a road trip with your family you just passed a sign that tells you how many kilometers you have to drive before you reach your destination you wonder how long it will take before you get there a formula that describes this scenario is r=d/t d= distance to destination r=rate of car(kilometers per hour) t= time before you arive Rewrite the formula to determine how long it will take you to arrive

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As we know, Distance is found by the standard formula of: D = RT. This tells us that Distance is equal to the Rate (of speed) multiplied by the Time driven at that speed. A simple re-arraignment of the formula is all that is required to find any one of the three terms if the other two quantities are known. 
As you are trying to determine how long the trip will take, the Time, you must divide the Distance by the Rate of speed you are traveling. This equation will be: T = D/R. 
To determine the Rate of speed, the Distance is divided by the Time the trip took: R = D/T. 
There you have it, Blackbetty, three equations to calculate which ever of the three unknowns that is needed. This should help you with this problem. Let us know if you have any more questions!

For more info:
The original formula for distance is: 

d = distance 
r = rate 
t = time 

d = rt 

If you want to know distance, use: 

d = rt 

If you want to know the rate, use: 

r = d / t 

If you want to know the time, use: 

t = d / r 

The answer is t = d / r

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