Select all of the answers that apply. The Sun emits a lot of radiation. The different types of radiation are the electromagnetic spectrum. Which of the following wave types are part of the spectrum? radio waves microwaves roller waves gamma rays seismic waves X-rays cold waves visible rays

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Ultraviolet, or UV, rays ,these are the rays that can cause sun damage to a person's skin in the form of sunburn. While a person cannot detect the sun's UV rays, he or she can detect the infrared rays via the sensation of heat.
Gamma rays - these are most often found in the core of the sun, during fusion. These rays lose frequency as they move towards the surface.
X-rays -
X-rays are emitted by the sun during solar flares.

Visible light -
visible light are radiation waves that are in the frequency range easily seen by the naked eye. Different wavelengths in the visible light spectrum make up different colors.

Microwaves -
microwave radiation waves emitted by the sun are primarily absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere.

Radio waves -
these waves have the longest wavelengths, and the sun is the brightest source of radio waves.
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