Read the passage below. Prior to the 1970s, scientists believed that new neurons could not be generated in adult brains. In the 1970s, Dr. Goldman and Dr. Nottbohm discovered that hormones injected in adult songbirds could cause female songbirds to develop new neurons. Which statement best exemplifies the scientific principal that occurred in this case? a New experiments do not affect science because science remains constant. b New experiments can affect future scientific explanations. c New experiments can affect previous scientific explanations. d New experiments yield untrustworthy data and should be carefully considered.

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The correct answer is option C, New experiments can affect previous scientific explanations


The scientific theories remains constant but the logical explanation behind them may keep on changing. This is so because the first logical explanation to any scientific theory was the best possible explanation to it and was accepted by the majority of peers. But with the advancement in technology some new theories may come forward. for example – Earlier it was found that atom in the smallest unit of matter , but with the advancement in high scale microscope it was found that even atom is made of smaller particles like electron, proton etc. Thus the scientific theories get affected by new researches.

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