Which of the following is the most appropriate response to the statement “The Qin dynasty was bad for China”? a. “That is true, because the people adored Shi Huangdi.” b. “That is correct. The dynasty weakened and divided China.” c. “That is false, because the people were unhappy with Shi Huangdi.” d. “That is incorrect. The dynasty strengthened and unified China.”

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D. “That is incorrect. The dynasty strengthened and unified China.”


The Qin dynasty (221 a.c. - 206 a.c.) unified China under the hand of Zheng, the young king of the Qin state, and his prime-minister Li Si. Zheng conquered the feudal states of Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan, and Qi and adopted the name Qin Shi Huangdi meaning "First Emperor".  Shi Huangdi was violent, unpopular and considered an autocratic tyrant, his government was bureaucratic and legalist, opposed to Confucio´s predicaments. However, important buildings such as the first part of the Great Wall of China and the terracotta warriors (found in Shi Huangdi´s tomb) belong to this period.

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