Unpasteurized milk and dairy products are banned in 22 states in the United States and in Canada because they represent a health risk fo

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Because unpasteurized milk contains harmful bacteria that can be harmful to humans but the pasteurization process kills the bacteria.  
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Please help. 1. What does the subtitle of a poster do? A. Add detail to the sidebar B. Provide a counterpoint to the ornamentation C. Clarify the poster's title D. Attract attention to the poster 2. What is visual unity? A. How well all of the parts of an artwork look together B. How an artwork looks like it would feel when touched C. How heavy or light an object looks D. How successfully an artwork presents a certain message 3. What did Lilla Cabot Perry often use as inspiration for her work? A. Her husband and children B. Theater productions C. Literary figures D. Politicians 4. What does a caricaturist do? A. Creates posters for individuals, businesses, and schools B. Draws an exaggerated but easily recognizable version of someone C. Paints landscapes that rely heavily on symbolism and conceptual unity D. Takes black and white photographs 5. _______ is visual detail that doesn't send a message but adds to the overall effect of a poster. A. Sidebar text B. Symbolism C. Caricaturism D. Ornamentation 6. An artist creates unity by doing what? A. Combining the principles of design and elements of art into a single artistic vision B. Choosing a single principle of design and emphazing it over all the others C. Communicating a message using conceptual symbolism D. Using the principles of design to create a message with strong contrasts and variety 7. When one or more parts of an artwork don't seem to ft with the other parts, the artwork has _______. A. Dominance B. Disunity C. An idea, theme, or message D. Conceptual unity 8. How might image editing software let you explore the visual unity of an artwork? A. By analyzing how detailed or simple the artwork is B. By making a list of each color, shape, and type of line in the artwork C. By allowing you to write a paragraph about the conceptual message of the artwork D. By checking to see if removing parts of the artwork creates disunity 9. What does sidebar text on a poster do? A. Provides details, such as a time or place, that the poster needs to communicate B. Attracts attention, declares the subject of the poster, and gets the viewer's attention C. Helps to clarify the poster's title with additional information in smaller text D. Lists the Inkscape tools that were used to create the poster 10. When art elements are combined to create an aesthetically pleasing effect, the artwork has what quality? A. Conceptual unity B. Harmony C. Ornamentation D. Disunity Thank you

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