The area (a=pir^2) of a circle with a radius of r is given by the formula and its diameter is given by (d= 2r) arrange the equations in the correct sequence to rewrite the formula for diameter in terms of the area of the circle. A=pi(d/2)^2 d^2=2A/pi d=sqrt2A/pi A=4pid^2 d=sqrt4A/pi d^2=4A/pi A=pid^2/4 4A=pid^2

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A = pi r^2
d = 2r

r= d/2

A = pi (d/2)^2

A = pi d^2/4

4A = pi d^2

d^2 = 4A/pi 

d = sqrt(4A/pi)

d = 2 sqrt(A/pi)

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