What was one way “old” immigrants differed from “new” immigrants in the 1800s

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Immigrants all over the world are the same. But you might have heard of old immigrants and new immigrants and could be confused if these two types are now present. Old and new immigrants are relevant when talking of immigration to the U.S.

It was in the 19th century that immigration was on a rise to the United States. The immigrants who reached the U.S. during the early 1800s were known as old immigrants, and those who immigrated during the late 1800s were known as new immigrants. The difference can be seen in the type of people that immigrated. Not only this, there were also differences in the reasons that paved the way for immigration.

The old immigrants generally came from Northern and Central Europe especially England and its territories. Apart from these people, there were also slaves who were immigrating in search of work in the plantations. Though these immigrants were from almost the same region, the reason for their immigration differed. The greatest motivation for immigration to the U.S. was the search for new land. Most of the people in England felt that the church was exerting more power on the land and wanted to have free land. Some others who immigrated were seeking religious freedom.

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