Which of the following contains matter? A.Gravity B.Force C.Energy D.Atoms i think i know this but want a second opinion

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I think it would be D. atoms because they are very tiny but still take up space
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Matter is made up of small particles called

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Can you check my answers please: (☆ is the answer I chose) 1. Susan shakes a bottle of oil and vinegar salad dressing, then sets it on the table. After a while, the oil rises to the top and the vinegar settles on the bottom of the bottle. Why does this happen? ☆Oil has less volume than vinegar. Oil is less dense than vinegar. Vinegar has more mass than oil. Vinegar has more weight than oil. 2. Which of the following measure would remain consistent, no matter its location? density ☆mass gravity weight 3. Weight measures how dense an object is. how large an object is. the amount of mass in an object. ☆the effect of gravity on an object. 4. A graduated cylinder is used to measure area . density. mass. ☆volume. 5. A roller coaster reaches its maximum kinetic energy when it ☆reaches the bottom of a hill. begins rolling down a hill. is sitting at the top of a hill. is starting up a hill. 6. What is true about energy in an ordinary chemical reaction? Energy is created during the reaction. destroyed if there is an explosion. not created or destroyed. ☆used up by the reaction. 7. What energy conversion occurs when a battery-powered car rolls across the floor? ☆Stored chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy. Stored electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy. Stored mechanical energy is converted to mechanical energy. Stored nuclear energy is converted to electrical energy. 8. Which of the following is an example of radiant energy? lightning bolt pot of water on a stove television ☆x-ray 9. If you are using a thermometer, you are measuring the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. ☆amount of radiant energy emitted from a substance. maximum amount of heat energy released by a substance. potential energy contained in the particles of a substance. 10. If you are using a triple beam balance, you are measuring an object's density. ☆mass. volume. weight.

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