Both Seagulls and wild geese are large birds. They're also similar in that both kinds of birds can fly over great distances. On the other hand, seagulls are scavengers, while wild geese aren't. Seagulls, for example, are often found around garbage dumps. Geese, however, feed on things like seeds and insects. Another important difference between the two kinds of birds is that geese fly on long annual migrations of well over 1,000 miles. Seagulls will migrate far inland to search for food. However, they don't follow seasonal patterns of migration like wild geese. Clue words showing that contrasts are being made in this paragraph include A. while and however. B. and and similar. C. both and difference. D. also and hand.

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The correct option is A [WHILE AND HOWEVER], this can be seen from the way they are used in the above passage. Contrast are been made when the difference between two or more objects are been highlighted. To show contrast between objects, words such as while, however, etc are often used. 
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