In the Metamorphosis, what does it symbolize when Gregor holds on to the picture of the woman in fur?

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Northfield is a model city in Westport County. Crime rates have dropped 28% in the last five years, and new business development has increased by 42% over the same period. There also has been significant growth in public services with the opening of our new Northfield Community Center and the current construction of Northfield Park. Unfortunately, Proposition S now threatens to undo all that Northfield has accomplished in recent years. Proposition S intends to fund public services throughout Westport County by taking 8.25% of all tax revenues away from city governments. Although most people believe that more public services are needed, Proposition S would only burden Northfield and other cities with strong local governments and business-friendly policies. These city governments would be required to pay for public services in areas where local politicians have failed to find a way to fund their own projects. Given the strength of Northfield’s economy, approximately $12.3 million dollars of tax revenue would be redirected toward county projects. Without this money in Northfield’s budget, many programs at our new community center will have to be cut. This would affect more than 40,000 citizens of Northfield, as well as 25,000 people who live outside our city and use the community center on a regular basis. The construction of Northfield Park, which also would be open to all county residents, would probably have to be put on hold. I am proud to join my fellow residents of Northfield in urging all citizens of Westport County to vote No on Proposition S in the upcoming election. What is good for Northfield is good for all of Westport County. Mr. Nelson Woo President of the Northfield City Council Who is the intended audience of this letter? A.) the residents of Northfield B) .) People who use the Northfield Community Center C.) Northfield business owners D.) all citizens of Westport County

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The play's final scene occurs at what symbolic place?

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