Suppose that Dr. Reilly owns a medical clinic and he enters into a contract to buy 500 tablets of Gensol from Pharzime. The Gensol that he orders are 200 milligrams each. The Gensol tablets that are delivered however are 100 milligrams each, shipped in boxes of 25 tablets. Pharzime states that it will replace the Gensol with the correct size tablets. Decide.

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There would be two choices, either stick with what has been sent and prescribe 2 x 100mg tablets to those who require it. In a package of 25, 1 would be left, which could be combined with 1 from the next package so as not to lose any but it may be hard to keep track of the extra ones. If some patients required only 100 and some say 300mg then this would provide more flexibility. On the other hand, if the turn around time wasn't too great, then getting the right dose if it was a standard dose would be easier and potentially less wasteful or time consuming. 
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