(WORTH 35 POINTS!!!!!!!!!) (PLEASENOGUESSING)QUESTION 3 During the Presidential election of 1848, southern leaders felt that the government .. A. should support slavery. B.should stay out of issues regarding slavery. C. should raise taxes on industrialists only. D.should not provide education. QUESTION 4 Who was the senator from Kentucky who introduced the Missouri Compromise? A.Henry Clay B.Milliard Fillmore C. John C. Breckenridge D.James Brady QUESTION 5 Who was the first commander of the Union troops? A.General Irvin McDowell B.General Robert E. Lee C.General Douglas MacArthur D. none of the above QUESTION 6 Who used gun boats to secure the Mississippi? A.General Irvin McDowell B.General Winfield Scott C.General Ulysses S. Grant D. none of the above QUESTION 7 What led to the emergence of the Free Soil Party in 1848? A.animosity felt by members of the Democratic and Whig Parties B.a belief in nativism C. a strong belief in pro-slavery issues D. plantation politics

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3) A
4) A
5) D[Ulysses S. Grant]
6) D[Admiral Foote]
7) C
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