How have technological innovations helped small businesses

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I will give you an example of something that has helped not only small businesses but Humanity as a whole. the internet and World Wide Web this is probably one of the single most Innovative scientific and technological advances of modernity. It is now omnipresent in not only developed countries but developing ones period because for example we all have our phones even if they are not smartphones they are part of a network of computers that is interconnected across the globe which allows for financial transactions to happen more quickly access to banking services as well as email services on the infrastructure where they email has the ability to travel. The internet is simply the backbone of integrated theaters in Computing systems that are interlinked together physically while the World Wide Web is the digital apparatus of what one would see on a screen where they get their emails. But I think this has transformed the ability for businesses to get access to so many services through the digital means rather than having to go to a certain Bank apply for a loan with paper and start up but now they can simply interact with their banking partners and credit markets through this infrastructure system.
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