A ball is thrown from initial height of 2 feet with an initial upward velocity of 35 ft./s. The ball's height H (in feet) after T seconds is given by the following. H=2+35T-16T^2 Find all values of T for which the ball's height is 20 feet. Round your answer(s) to the nearest hundredth.

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So if the height is going to be 20ft, that means 20 = 2+35t-16t²

\bf 20=2+35t-16t^2\implies 16t^2-35t+18=0
\textit{now, it doesn't factor in integers, thus}
 \textit{quadratic formula}\\\\
x= \cfrac{ - {{ b}} \pm \sqrt { {{ b}}^2 -4{{ a}}{{ c}}}}{2{{ a}}}\implies t=\cfrac{-(-35)\pm\sqrt{(-35)^2-4(16)(18)}}{2(16)}
t=\cfrac{35\pm\sqrt{73}}{32}\implies t\approx
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