J.C. wants to determine if there is a relationship between room color and sleep. Based on his research, J.C. makes an educated guess that people fall asleep more quickly in a room painted blue than in a room painted yellow. He asks several people which color they like better, yellow or blue, and uses their responses to see if his educated guess was correct. What is missing from J.C.'s scientific investigation? a. experiement testing hypothesis b. research on topic to see what others learned. c.hypothesis based on research that can be tested d.analysis of responses from all test subjects

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What is missing from JC's scientific investigation is AN HYPOTHESIS BASED ON RESEARCH THAT CAN BE TESTED. The correct option is C. In order to determine the relationship between two parameters in a research one has to formulate an hypothesis which can be tested out physically to validate its authenticity. This will give other scientists the opportunity to reproduce the research in any part of the world in order to verify its results.
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