The Federalist Era is the period of time between the ratification of the Constitution and Jefferson’s inauguration as president. During this time, the new nation struggled to find firm footing. What were the achievements of the Federalist Era? What were its failings? Write an essay answering both questions.

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Below are the achievements during theFederalistt ear:

1. Endorsement of Constitution - When a bill of rights was proposed in Congress in 1789, North Carolina sanctioned the Constitution. At long last, Rhode Island, which had rejected the Constitution in March 1788 by prevalent submission, called an approving tradition in 1790 as indicated by the Constitutional Convention. 
2. Washington's eagerness to surrender control toward the finish of two terms - It was his respect to regular citizen specialists amid the Revolution and his remarkable surrender of military power at the war's end that made him a Republican general. It was his commitment to the country's motivation and his devoted response to the rehashed summons to open administration that made him the Republican statesman.

Below are the failures of the Federalist Era:

1. 1. Divisive parties in politics - this has a huge impact to the Federalist Era 
2. Whiskey Rebellion - These are rebels who protest for the whiskey tax
3. Substantial National Debt
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