They had laughed at the shabbiness of the hotel. “Oh well,” they’d said, “we aren’t going to spend any time inside.” And they had not. They’d spent the day and evening sightseeing and had not retreated to their rooms until they were spent. Now Ana appraised her modest accommodations, remembering how the window in her room had amused her friends, as it offered a view of a brick wall not six inches away. “You get what you pay for!” they’d exclaimed, closing the heavy curtains. The window captured Ana’s attention again. As she readied for bed, she heard a persistent tapping coming from outside. Ana reasoned with herself, reminded herself that only small bird or bug in distress could fit in such a space. The tapping suggested otherwise, and she turned to investigate. How does the excerpt exemplify the ideas King describes in "Danse Macabre"? It allows readers to approach a “forbidden door.” It provides a “single powerful spectacle” for the imagination’s eye. It forces readers to “grapple” with their own mortality. It excites readers with the concept of “magic.” Mark this and return

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The answer is It allows readers to approach a “forbidden door.” 
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