Write the slope-intercept inequality for the graph below. Also please explain this one if you can!

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Answer:  y <= -3x + 3


Explanation: The slope of the boundary line is -3 because we go down 3 over 1 each time we go from point to point. We can use the slope formula to get

m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)
m = (-3-3)/(2-0)
m = -6/2
m = -3

The y intercept is 3 because this is the location on the y axis where the graph crosses, so b = 3

Therefore the boundary line equation is y = -3x+3. Note how it's in the form y = mx+b where m = -3 and b = 3

The boundary line is solid. The shading is below the boundary line. So we change the equal sign to a "less than or equal to" sign to get the final answer of y <= -3x+3
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