Which is a dependent clause? during intermission, while we were discussing the performance or disussing the commotion, we decided it was more exciting than the play

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"during intermission" is a dependent clause same as like "as I was walking"
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My mother, along with all of my godparents, began planning my quinceañera after I turned fourteen. My mother and aunts took me to a bridal shop where I was fitted for a long, white gown, which I would wear at the celebration. I felt my cheeks grow red with embarrassment as the women fawned and fussed over me in the store. I desperately wished that I could just find a hole to crawl into and hide, but there was no way out. My mother, who was in her glory, naturally assumed that the redness in my face was a glow of happiness. I let her go right on thinking that. It was her day, I kept telling myself. I was doing this for her. At last, the big day came. My father cooked up a special breakfast for my brothers and me first thing that morning. I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I was somewhat comforted by my father's easygoing manner and his apparent anticipation of the celebration ahead. After breakfast, my mother helped me dress for the quinceañera. While she was styling my hair, she paused every so often to wipe away a tear of joy that had trickled down her face. I couldn't recall ever having seen my mother quite this happy, and suddenly my heart swelled with affection for her. Two hours later, I found myself standing in the front of a church while all of my dearest friends and family members gazed up at me from the pews. As I looked out on the smiling, supportive faces of all the people I loved, I had an unexpected realization. This day wasn't for my mother after all; it was for me. The church ceremony was followed by a fiesta that lasted all day and into the night. My parents served food that they had worked for days to prepare. A disc jockey played all of the music I loved, and I was showered with beautiful gifts, practical advice, and good wishes from everyone important to me. As I watched my family members celebrate in my honor, I realized that my Mexican heritage was not something intangible, like a bunch of old stories about long-gone relatives. My heritage, I realized, was very real. It was with me at all times, and I was proud of it. What type of essay is this, primarily?

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Select the correct answer. What can be inferred about Lily from this passage? Lily had a talent for getting into trouble. Her parents were always scolding her for doing things she shouldn’t do. She loved to play in the woods behind her house. However, her father warned her to not stay in the woods after dark. He told Lily tales of dangerous animals that roamed the woods in the night. Being a curious child, Lily did not pay attention to her father’s wise words. One evening after dinner, Lily sneaked out of the house and went exploring in the dark woods. Armed with a flashlight, Lily was determined to see for herself these scary creatures her father described. She had never been in the woods at night. It was a strange place indeed. The sounds were unfamiliar to her. Suddenly, she heard a low growling sound. It sounded similar to the sound her dog, Toby, made when he was angry. Slowly, she scanned the woods with her flashlight. She saw a pair of glowing eyes that seemed to be coming closer to her. Lily became frightened. Forgetting her exploration, she ran home as fast as she could. Once out of the woods, Lily calmed herself down. She realized that her father was right. It was too dangerous to be in the woods after dark. Lily learned that being stubborn isn’t always a good thing. A. She likes to play with wild animals. B. She sometimes disobeys her parents’ rules. C. She isn’t afraid of walking at night. D. She doesn’t like stories about wild animals.

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