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Wind erosion occurs at a faster rate in deserts than in places with a thick layer of vegetation covering the ground. Why do you think that this is the case?


The wind erosion is defined as the removal of soil particles from a particular area. This erosion mostly takes place in the region where there is less vegetation cover and less amount of rainfall. Presence of vegetation helps in controlling the rate of wind erosion as the plants acts as a barrier to the wind, thereby not allowing it to carry the soil particles with them. But absence of water and vegetation makes the soil dry and the wind removes these particles easily loosing the fertility of the soil.

The wind generally carry the materials by the method of suspension, in which the extremely lighter materials like silt and clay are transported from one place to another.

This is the reason why wind erosion is rapid in the desert areas compared to the places which are rich in thick vegetation cover.

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In which direction do the gravitational forces act between you and earth

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Identify the pancreas as the source gland for insulin, and describe the function of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Insulin is very important. If there is excess sugar in the body, the pancreas releases insulin to take the sugar and transport it to other cells to make atp

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How many ribose molecules are found in ATP?

One ribose molecule are found in ATP.

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If the upper atmosphere is very thin, why do space vehicles heat up as they enter the atmosphere

Even though the atmosphere is very thin, the space vehicle is pushing through a lot of pressure. 

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The process in which an animal’s cells use oxygen and digested food molecules to release the energy in food is called a. Breathing b. cellular respiration c. diffusion d. gas exchange


The correct answer would be b. cellular respiration.

Cellular respiration is defined as the set of metabolic reactions taking place in a cell in order to harness energy from food and convert it in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

It includes glycolysis, pyruvate decarboxylation, Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation (electron transport chain, and chemiosmosis).

It requires oxygen for complete oxidation of food (glucose) in order to produce ATP and release carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

The overall reaction can be written as:

C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6O₂  → 6CO₂ + 6H₂O + energy (ATP)

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How can the student identify the catalyst

the student could identify the catalyst by noticing the substance that makes a chemical reaction go faster. It will be written in a chemical equation. Example of Catalyst : - A corosion process of an iron will be faster if it exposed to Oxygen - A burning process will be a lot of faster if it mixed with oil.

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Which consequence of global warming is described as having an increase in growing season, changes in migration, and loss of species? A.changing oceans B.melting ice C.affected human populations D.altered ecosystems

The correct answer is (d) altered ecosystem.

The increase in the global temperature all over the world due to the harmful effect of green house gases is called global warming. The consequences of global warming can be defined as having an increase in growing seasons, changes in migration and loss of species. All the consequences mentioned here signifies altered ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of the plant and animal species that interact with the environment. Hence, global warming results in altered ecosystem.

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Why was the reduction of the bison population to under 1,000 individuals a bottleneck event for the species? a. It drastically reduced the gene pool of the species. b. It reduced the territorial range available to the species. c. Foreign genes were introduced by crossbreeding with cattle. d. It reduced the prevalence of recessive traits.

The best answer is that a) It drastically reduced the gene pool of the species - that's generally what bottleneck means.

b) The territorial range would be unchanged or, if anything, could grow (with reduced competition)

c) this would not be a bottleneck effect - or at least, this is not how we define it.
d) it reduced the number of genes for both dominant and recessive traits probably, so , not. 

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Which of the following plant cell structures could not be seen when using the 10X objective of the compound microscope? A) Nucleus 2) Cell wall 3) Cytoplasm 4) Endoplasmic Reticulum

Endoplasmic Reticulum

ER Golgi apparatus, because it packages proteins received from the ER cytoplasm 

The Golgi body are the ones that slightly alter, organize and prepare so-called parcels to be delivered for all the organelles in the cell. They receive these packages mainly in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. These packages that set out by Golgi body are macromolecules that used and synthesized by cells in many operations. If ER is absent then it would only mean that Golgi body would have no use other than simply lysosomes but these macromolecules plays a dynamic role in many organelles –nutrients, ATP and cell metabolism. It'll have a ripple effect if ER is absent in the cell.

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True or false biology can help you learn more about your body

False. Biology is more focused on plants. to learn more about the body you should look more into anatomy or physiology.

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Which one of the following interspecies relationships has a negative effect on both species?

Since the options aren't given.
Parasitism. There are several types of biotic relationships that is occurring every single moment in the ecosystem and one is parasitism. In this scenario with human beings and mosquitos, this phenomenon of interaction is distinguished as parasitism where mosquitos draws blood that contains nutrients from the human tissue to use it as its source of food and then leaves harmful substances and bacteria in the human’s blood stream.

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What does the word facilitated mean in facilitated diffusion?

To facilitate means to make an action or process easier

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All cells are surrounded by a cell wall true or false

False. Animal cells has a cell membrane while a plant cell has a cell wall.

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Select all that apply. Micro-evolution _____. -refers to evolution at or below the species level - includes evolution at the population and community level - analyzes the history of life over time - refers to evolution above the species level - is based on direct observation

-refers to evolution at or below the species level- YES
- includes evolution at the population and community level - YES!
- analyzes the history of life over time - well, I wouldn't choose this answer. life.. as in one life form or all life forms? it's not clear to me. In any case "microevolution" doesn't anlyse anything, it's a process of change...
- refers to evolution above the species level -NO! it would be rather evolution within the same species, on a very small level
- is based on direct observation - NO! it would rather be based on genetic analysis

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A membrane that allows only some materials to move in and out of the cell is

A membrane like that is called semi permeable, because only certain materials can pass through it.

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What happens to E. coli when lactose is not present?

The genes that produce the enzymes needed to break down lactose are not expressed.

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Cures and medicines for diseases, such as diabetes, can be credited to the study of _____.




Study of various organ systems including the endocrine system of human provided information about the role of insulin hormone in the regulation of blood sugar level. It elucidated the role of insulin in the development of diabetes.  

Once information about the causes of the diabetes was obtained, the development of methods of its treatment became possible by targeting the regulation of normal insulin level in the body. This is how the study of biology helped in the development of treatment and medicines for disease such as diabetes.  

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How to arrange from smallest to biggest organ,organism,gene,nucleus,cells,tissue,chromosome,system?


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Biology shows us the fossil record and comparative anatomies. Chemistry shows us that organic molecules can come from inorganic matter. Geology shows us that organisms that used to live together are found on separate continents due to continental drift. Which fields of science provide evidence for evolution? a.)biology only b.)biology and chemistry c.)biology and geology d.)biology, chemistry, and geology HEELLLLLP PPPLLLSSS

The answer to your question is D. To create the full picture of evolution, and how the species that exist on our planet came to exist in their current forms, it is important to take in information from all the possible fields of science including biology, chemistry and geology.

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Most stars are at what point in their life cycles? a. supergiant c. main sequence b. giant d. white dwarf

Answer: c. main sequence

The nuclear fusion reaction is the natural process which occurs in the stars which is responsible for their development. The size of the star changes at different stages of their life. A cloud, dust and gas combine to form nebula which is the initial stage of star formation. The star undergoes multiple nuclear fusion reactions with the surrounding heavy compounds like helium, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to attain a stable form. The main sequence is the stable form of star and it takes million's of years to attain this form. Most of the stars in the galaxy are in the main sequence.

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How does the cell theory describe the levels of organization of living organisms?

The cell is the basic unit of structure and organization of organisms. 

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In which type of reproduction can cells divide through the process of mitosis ?

Mitosis is carried out for growth and development processes. The cell divide and multiply for growing and removing the worn out cells/damaged cells. Two identical daughter cells are formed in mitosis. Errors in the same may cause genetic disorders, Sex cells divide by the process of meiosis.

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Lactase and carbonic anhydrase are examples of what type of substance?

The answer is enzymes. Enzymes are biological catalysts and increase the speed of change from substrate to product. The name of enzymes is usually derived from the substrate they break down. For example, lactase breaks down sugar lactose. The name of enzymes contains suffix -ase, for instance, carbonic anhydrase, lactase, lipase, amylase, etc...

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A slow reproduction process is a disadvantage of which form of reproduction

Sexual reproduction in contrast with asexual reproduction which is done outside or in other words, no reproductive organs is necessary hence, fertilization is done outside like plants.

Life processes then includes.
1.   Reproduction, is as vital for an entire race to survive. It prolongs their generation onwards and offspring to the next centuries to pass by. 
Obtaining energy. In both humans and animals, even plants is a challenge because these creatures need to work in order to obtain these need resource from food –preys.
Maintaining structure. For the living organisms to still exist they need to keep themselves intact. Combating diseases and having nutrition. This is a by-product of having energy.  
4. Irritability. Responding to stimulus
5. Excretion. Able to dispose waste
6. Movement. Being able to be in one place to another.
7. Growth. Able to develop.
8. Death.

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A solution that is a 4 on the pH scale is a _____.

A solution is acidic when its pH is below 7, and basic otherwise.

hence this solution is acidic.

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A relationship where one organism lives in or on another organism for the purpose of getting energy

This would be paratisitism. One organism, the one that is getting the energy, is called the parasite, and the other, the one from whom the energy is taken, is called the host. 

an example is human (host) and tapeworm (parasite)

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The paper clip, which is denser than water, floats on the surface because of water's surface tension. Surface tension is a property of water that is the result of polar water molecules sticking together or water's property of A) adhesion. B) cohesion. C) buoyancy. D) capillary action.

The answer is cohesion. The high surface tension helps the paper clip (with much higher density) float on water. The property of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force, due to cohesive nature of its molecules. Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for molecules of the same kind. Water molecules have strong cohesive forces due to their ability to form hydrogen bond with each other.

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In algae and plants, photosynthesis happens in the

I think it is the flower or the whole thing 

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A biologist is in the process of classifying a newly discovered fungus. The observed characteristics include chitin in the cell walls and flagellated spores. To which group does the organism most likely belong?

Fungilike protocists.

The writer could assert Taxonomy. Which is responsible for many scientific classifications and influences in various field of life sciences or biology.  Evidences that Taxonomy uses to group or categorizes species range from 

"Fossil Records
Comparative anatomy
Comparative embryology
4.       Biochemical information 
Cellular structure

We also suggest that taxonomy has played various roles mainly in many aspects in Zoology, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology –aspects that include animal and human structures and functions. As the biotic community is so diverse it is classified to Biodiversity and the existence of properly assorting by set standard.

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