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Although there is no record of poet Edmund Spenser's parentage, we do

Although there is no record of poet Edmund Spenser's parentage, we do know that as a youth Spenser attended the Merchant Tailors' School in London for a period between 1560 and 1570. Records from this time indicate that the Merchant Tailors' Guild then had only three members named Spenser: Robert Spenser, listed as a gentleman; Nicholas Spenser, elected the Guild's Warden in 1568; and John Spenser, listed as a "journeyman cloth-maker." Of these, the last was likely the least affluent of the three—and most likely Edmund's father, since school accounting records list Edmund as a scholar who attended the school at a reduced fee. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? (A) Anybody in sixteenth century London who made clothing professionally would have had to be a member of the Merchant Tailors' Guild. (B) The fact that Edmund Spenser attended the Merchant Tailors' School did not necessarily mean that he planned to become a tailor. (C) No member of the Guild could become Guild warden in sixteenth century London unless he was a gentleman. (D) Most of those whose fathers were members of the Merchant Tailors' Guild were students at the Merchant Tailors' School. (E) The Merchant Tailors' School did not reduce its fees for the children of the more affluent Guild members.

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Claim: Although many people argue that medical testing on animals is a violation of animal rights, the benefits it yields for society far outweigh any argument that can be made. Counterclaim: There are safer and more accurate ways to test medications without using animals. What evidence would most weaken the counterclaim presented here?

I would say that there is no other living thing on earth that can react to medical testing like animals can, for example, testing it on plants wouldn't do us any good. but if you tested it on animals and it changed their hair purple or something then you gained new information that with out testing would have been unknown.

if you have options then I can help more, since it says "would most weaken"

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Daniel webster was the most famous public speaker of his day. twain uses webster’s name to create humor when he —

Twain uses Webster's name to create humor when he wrongly spelled Webster's name and last name. Samuel Langhorne Clemens is also known as Mark Twain, which is a writer who wrotes the novel Adventure of Huckleberry Finn that is known as the Great American Novel. Mark Twain became a great contributor to American literature.

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When incorporating direct quotations into writing, what is the function of the colon? Explain the guidelines for using the colon for a long quotation.

When incorporating a direct quotation into writing, the colon serves to separate the introduction part from the direct quotation. The guideline for punctuation use mandated that one should use a colon when introducing a direct quotation that is more than six words and a comma should be used when the direct quotation is less than six words.  

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Need Help ASAPHow is refutation effective in an argument? It proves a point without having to present evidence. It makes the audience think the opposition is foolish. It makes evidence look better than the opposition's by contrast. It attacks the opposition's evidence, so it cannot prove its point.

The answer is B or C. refutation is proving the evidence presented (usually by other person) to be incorrect. which results in on lookers to think the other person is "foolish" and that your evidence and facts are better

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Which phrase from the poem "we are cool" by gwendolyn brooks is an example of alliteration

We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing sin.

alliteration is the same sound at the start of every word (words in a row)

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Excerpt, Theodore Roosevelt, Inaugural Address Saturday, March 4, 1905 My fellow-citizens, no people on earth have more cause to be thankful than ours, and this is said reverently, in no spirit of boastfulness in our own strength, but with gratitude to the Giver of Good who has blessed us with the conditions which have enabled us to achieve so large a measure of well-being and of happiness. To us as a people it has been granted to lay the foundations of our national life in a new continent. We are the heirs of the ages, and yet we have had to pay few of the penalties which in old countries are exacted by the dead hand of a bygone civilization. We have not been obliged to fight for our existence against any alien race; and yet our life has called for the vigor and effort without which the manlier and hardier virtues wither away. Under such conditions it would be our own fault if we failed; and the success which we have had in the past, the success which we confidently believe the future will bring, should cause in us no feeling of [vanity], but rather a deep and abiding realization of all which life has offered us; a full acknowledgment of the responsibility which is ours; and a fixed determination to show that under a free government a mighty people can thrive best, alike as regards the things of the body and the things of the soul. Much has been given us, and much will rightfully be expected from us. We have duties to others and duties to ourselves; and we can shirk neither. We have become a great nation, forced by the fact of its greatness into relations with the other nations of the earth, and we must behave as beseems a people with such responsibilities. Toward all other nations, large and small, our attitude must be one of cordial and sincere friendship. We must show not only in our words, but in our deeds, that we are earnestly desirous of securing their good will by acting toward them in a spirit of just and generous recognition of all their rights. But justice and generosity in a nation, as in an individual, count most when shown not by the weak but by the strong. While ever careful to refrain from wrongdoing others, we must be no less insistent that we are not wronged ourselves. We wish peace, but we wish the peace of justice, the peace of righteousness. We wish it because we think it is right and not because we are afraid. No weak nation that acts manfully and justly should ever have cause to fear us, and no strong power should ever be able to single us out as a subject for insolent aggression. Imagine President Roosevelt is publishing this speech in a magazine. He needs to come up with a title for it. Which of the following best represents the basic message of the speech?

Us as americans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In a discussion, Peter shares his opinion about playing in the marching band: "Everyone should join the marching band! Making music with my friends is a lot of fun." Which fact best supports Peter's opinion? Students who listen to music while completing homework are often distracted. Students who play an instrument get better grades than students who do not. Marching bands usually include woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Marching bands were originally part of the military, used to direct troops on the battlefield.

From the above excerpt the fact which best support Peter's opinion is that STUDENTS WHO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT GET BETTER GRADES THAN STUDENTS WHO DO NOT. This can be inferred from the passage: Peter considered playing an instrument a lot of fun; playing musical instruments is great for brain development. It helps the brain develop neurophysiological distinction which helps students distinguish between certain sounds that can aid in literacy.

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Sean and his classmates are discussing natural resources in the community. Sean feels strongly that Pinetop Lake is a local treasure that should be protected from pollution and traffic. He uses forceful language and frequently interrupts others to make his point. Which best describes what kind of speaker Sean is? Sean is not an effective speaker because he is disrespectful of others. Sean is not an effective speaker because he does not answer questions. Sean is a very effective speaker because he is passionate about the topic. Sean is a very effective speaker because he defends a local resource.

The answer to the statement above is that Sean is not an effective speaker because he is disrespectful of others. Even though he is trying to make a point and it involves of saving the lake from pollution, he is still considered to be a person who is not an effective speaker for an effective speaker should not be disrespectful towards others, he should know how to listen to other people before he could go on his point.

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When is citation unnecessary?

When you're using your own observations and common knowledge.

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Name the two most popular citation styles.


The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is the leading style of documentation for literary research, as well as academic papers in the humanities field. It follows a specific set of rules for formatting manuscripts, and is considered, along with the APA style, a standardized reference format in college.

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What is the point of providing a single formatting style in a research project?

It allows the essay or writing to look professional and neat so you as the writer look more mature.

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Which of the following is used to support a main idea using numbers? A. illustration B. example C. fact D. statistic

The answer is D, Statistic

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A stereotype is ______________

"a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing."(Oxford Dictionary)
Hope I could help!

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How does this paragraph develop the central idea that spies in the Civil War era were amateurs?

It explains why someone without training would want to help her country.

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Which literary device involves the repetition of vowel sounds across successive or closely placed words?

Hi there! The answer is: Consonance.

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Which sentence contains an adverbial phrase? A.The hopeful actors agreed to meet in the dressing room before the audition. B.The persistent rain left large, rippling puddles and soggy front lawns. C.The ongoing delay really infuriated the cranky, grumbling audience.D D.The oblivious pedestrian encountered loud car horns blaring at him.

The correct answer for this question would be: The hopefulactors  agreed  to meet in  the dressing room beforethe  audition  (Option A.)

Just remember (if in case you didn't know), an adverbial  phrase is: it is like simply 2 or even more words which can act like as if it were a adverb

Good  \\ Luck \\ on\\ your\\ assignment

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