Questions posted in Social Studies -

Questions posted in Social Studies

Researchers have found that children find books easier to read when the books have:

The answer would be pictures

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Which philosopher would start with a tabula rasa and then develop ethical standards?

John Rawls tossed this Latin expression around "a blank state" to enable us to comprehend ourselves in a circumstance in which there were no tenets. We needed to build up the standards for how we would communicate with each other exclusively and in business. Rawls trusted that judicious souls would concur on some fundamental and reasonable tenets that would help them additionally secure others.

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According to the text, divorce and single parenthood are better viewed as the consequences of social problems rather than the cause.

This is False. As per the context of family stress model by the researcher, low income, divorce and as well as single parenthood are better viewed as the cause of the social problem rather than considering it as a consequences or effects of social problems. Most people who are involved in this situation feels rejection from the environment and they could not also feel the belongingness.  

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What is the constructivist approach to global change? Provide examples of global attributes constructivists considered when creating this theory

I think the approach used by constructivist in terms of global change centers on the states exist which shaped by social interaction and created by the identities and the interest of the people living in it. The global attributes of global change are:

(1) states are the key unit in order to understand the international political theory.

(2) the state is created is considered social and created. It is not considered as material being.

(3) it's interest and identity helps shape the social structure as well as the system inside it.

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How did imperialist nations increase their power and influence in the world

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Why did leaders like Robert owen found utopian communities what caused these communities to fail

Robert Owen created utopian communities because he wanted to create communities where the working class has a better standard living condition: like better health and equal rights. However, this community did not last long. Some people were not satisfied with the rules and, thus left.

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What sources of data are used by demographers? Be sure to explain the information that each source provides to the demographer.

The direct method and indirect method. The direct method is more hands-on with each person within the population and allows factual evidence to come forth primarily from reliable statistics registries/censuses. The indirect method uses responses from only a portion of the population to inquire data about the entire group. (This is a common technique for countries who are still developing.)

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The field of psychology has made great strides toward equality by ignoring minority groups T or F PSYCHOLOGY


The field of psychology has made great strides toward equality by acknowledging minority groups 

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How does Christianity differ from ancient Roman religion?

The answer would be : Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Hope this helps!! :)

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How Did British participate in the battle of bunker Hill?

The British fought against the colonists in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
The Battle of Bunker Hill occurred during the American Revolution, and it was one of the earliest battles. The colonial forces, or the people living in the thirteen colonies, learned that the British were going to take control of Boston Harbor. The colonial forces waited on Bunker Hill, and ambushed the British, and there a battle between the colonists and the British ensued.

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What Supreme Court case established the principle of judicial review? A. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas B. Marbury v. Madison C. Heart of Atlanta Hotel v. United States D. Plessy v. Ferguson


B. Marbury v. Madison


In the Marbury v. Madison case (1803), the Supreme Court overturned an act of Congress for being unconstitutional and with this, it established the Principle of Judicial Review, which gives the judiciary the power to review laws passed by Congress and acts of the executive in order to determine their constitutionality.

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A study must be valid to be considered reliable T or F

In order for a measuring instrument to be considered appropriate for a research, it must be an accurate indicator of what is intended to be measured, easy to use and efficient. To evaluate a measurement tool, three main criteria are required: validity, reliability and practicality. Validity refers to the degree to which a test measures what it actually wants to measure; the reliability is related to the acuity and precision of the measurement procedure and the practicality is related to factors of economy, convenience and interpretation.

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As a result of the Dust Bowl, most "Okies" who headed to California were

People from Oklahoma?? i think 

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Provide an example of a time when you engaged in critical thinking to solve a problem or make a decision

This would be a personal question based on your own experiences. You would need to write of a time that you had to think hard to make a decision/solve a problem. For example, you may have had to "engage in critical thinking" to decide whether you want to take 2 years of college or 4 years.

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Which specialized court would be the first court to hear a case in which a child broke a state law? traffic court juvenile court federal court appellate court


The Correct Answer is B

Juvenile court


  • The American juvenile law practice is the first method applied to manage children who are condemned to unlawful offenses
  • Most states see teenagers 14 and more adult as competent of making unlawful intention, so the bulk of incidents concerning juvenile people from 14 to 17 years of age are decided in juvenile court.

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Although scientists have studied meteorites and know that there are two major types, what are they still unsure of?


The correct answer to the question is that although scientists have studied meteorites and know that there are two major types, they are still unsure of the exact location from which they came.


Meteorites, Meteors, and Meteoroids, are types of space rocks, that have been classified by science according to where they are at a certain point in time. A Meteoroid, is the name given to the space rock that is still outside of the Earth´s atmosphere, and it can be as small as sand grains, or as big as an asteorid. A Meteor, is a piece of a Meteoroid that enters the atmosphere, and while most are burned against the planet´s surface, some make it in and can be found. When the piece makes into Earth, and hits the ground, they are known as Meteorites. Scientists know exactly the origin of these rocks (planets, stars, asteroids, moons) and they can calculate their general locations. But what they still cannot predict with certainty is the exact location from which a Meteoroid, or asteroid, will come from.

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What are the four parts of Jupiter’s ring system?

Halo, Matis, Main Ring, Gossamer Ring

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How can an unelected bureaucracy remain accountable to the citizenry it is supposed to serve?

An un-elected bureaucracy has the responsibility to obey law and regulations laid down by elected representatives. A bureaucracy that is not elected by voting is usually accountable to the executive branch of government. In these ways, his activities are regulated and controlled on behalf of the public.

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Who controls the bureaucracy?

Legislative and judiciary branches also have some influence. Congress, for example,controls the Library of Congress, the Congressional Research Service, and the Government Accountability Office, among other bureaucracies.

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What effect does the lack of competition in command economies have?

It would have the prices of goods go up.

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Which of the follwing is not one of the five regions in louisiana? a) sportsmann`s Paradise b)the crossroads c) greater new orleans d) creole county

CREOLE COUNTY is not one of the five regions in Louisiana. The correct option is D. The five regions in Louisiana are: Sportmanns paradise, Crossroads, Greater new orlean, Cajun country and Plantation country. Louisiana culture is a very dynamic one.

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Based on what you know about prefixes, what does re- mean? To find To reason To repeat To rebel

The prefix re- means to To repeat.

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Improvements that corporations brought to industry included: increased economy monopolies larger variety of goods

Your answer would be increased economy 

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How did the battle of waterloo contribute to Napoleons downfall

It was the final struggle over who would win in the war of napoleon, napoleon and his army fought the armies of the coalition at the battle and napoleon would have won, but at the last second another army from some other nation(s) came at the last second and the coalition was victorious. Kind of like lord of the rings when helms deep was under siege by isengaurd and at the last second Gandalf came with riders of Rohan

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Why was the colonization of Africa, Asia, and the Americas shared by Britain, France, and Spain? for economic reasons for religious reasons for military reasons for social reasons

I do believe for economic reasons but if that's wrong then my second guess would be for military reasons

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