Until modern times most countries were ruled by what?

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Most countries were ruled by kings, queens, or priests.
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How can the actions of people in one country affect the environment of another?

Because people, at the end of the day, mirror each other. Though, they are of different beliefs and cultures, it is naturally human to connect with one another. And especially in this era, where countries are on alliances and member of organizations, what happens to this country is responsibility of the countries allied to it. These countries are expected to help and guide when the need arises. And people, when they do things in a large scale, whether good or bad, will affect the its neighboring countries and it will spread like wildfire to other countries.

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If the weather becomes stormy for a short time and then becomes colder,which type of frount has most likely passed

It's a cold front. While a cold is passing, heavy showers and thunderstorms start appearing. Temperatures soon become noticibly colder than when before the front passed.

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By the early 2000s,which country was taiwan's third-largest trading partner? A. China or C. Japan

It would be Japan i hope this helps

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Which of the following is an example of a long- time climatic change

ICE AGE is one!!!
:) :) :) :) :) bYeee

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After an attack on the world Trade Center I'm 2001 which country was accused of sheltering terrorists

Two weeks after the attack, NATO invaded Afghanistan in order to remove the Taliban regime.

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When it's 6 o'clock in New York what time is it in Chicago

Chicago is in Central Time Zone and New York in Eastern Time Zone. When it's 6 o'clock in NY, it's 5 o'clock in Chicago.

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The great lakes border region and two countries name them

Canada and the U.S. This is really simple just look at a map.

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Granite lasts a long time when it is used for building in areas were please answer

 Not in climates that are hot and rainy because of chemical weathering but in cool dry places

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Why must countries trade with each other

Countries must trade with each other in order to gain resources that they don't have. Look at petroleum for an example. Americans have excavated all the oil that's in the states, but since we rely so heavily on gasoline to simply function, we buy and trade with the middle east for the petroleum they have there. That's why its so important to keep good relations with the Middle East simply because we rely so heavily on them for this good.

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Do people in china really eat rice one grain at a time?

No they don't it'd take too long.≥w≤

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Why is weather different in other parts of the country? Give specific examples.

It also depends on the countries location from the equator. The equator is the place where the sun hits the moat and its very hot. So the more north or south you go there would be colder climates in those countries.

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Which of the following groups of people ruled in the Fertile Crescent area? a. Akkadians c. Persians b. Sumerians d. All of the above.



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Plate tectonics may affect organic evolution because movement of plates may cause a change in ____. a. natural selection c. Pangaea b. the environment d. the geologic time scale

The answer is B. The environment. Plate tectonics are responsible for the formation of mountains, the creation of earthquakes and new land. These forces shape the overall environment of those places. Any organic creatures living in these places will experience an climatic change and will evolve over a long time period to adapt to the new environment.

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Which country was the site of ethnic tensions and a civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi in the 1990's? 1) Sudan 2) Tanzania 3) Kenya 4) Rwanda

Rwanda (4) was the site of ethnic tensions and a civil war between the Hutu and the Tutsi in the 1990s. In early to middle 1994, the Hutu ethnic majority murdered nearly 800 thousand people, mostly from the Tutsi minority group. The act of attempting to annihilate an ethnic minority by an ethnic majority is known as a genocide. In Rwanda, the genocide began in the capital city of Kigali and spread throughout the rest of the country with lightening speed. It was a brutal and violent period in Rwandan history. 

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Great Lake Effects The Great Lakes influence the weather and climate of nearby land regions at all times of the year. Much of this lake effect is determined by the relative temperatures of surface lake water compared to the surface air temperatures over those land areas. The graph below shows the average monthly temperature of the surface water of Lake Erie and the surface air temperature at Buffalo, New York. In an average year, four lake-effect seasons are experienced. When surface lake temperatures are colder than surface air temperatures, a stable season occurs. The cooler lake waters suppress cloud development and reduce the strength of rainstorms. As a result, late spring and early summer in the Buffalo region tends to be very sunny. A season of lake-effect rains follows. August is usually a time of heavy nighttime rains, and much of the rainy season is marked by heavy, localized rainstorms downwind from the lake. Gradually, during late October, lake-effect rains are replaced by snows. Generally, the longer the time the wind travels over the lake, the heavier the lake effect becomes in Buffalo. Finally, conditions stabilize again, as the relatively shallow Lake Erie freezes over, usually near the end of January. Very few lake-effect storms occur during this time period. The passage states, “The cooler lake waters suppress cloud development…” because the water cools the air above its surface. Explain why this cool air above the lake surface reduces the amount of cloud development.

The cool air above the lake surface reduces the amount of cloud development because hot air rises and cool air stays below it. Hot air is lighter than cool air so it rises. Cool air sinks below the hot air because it is denser than hot air. Clouds are formed when the moist warm air rises and cools as it rises. The hotter the air, the more hot air will rise and the greater the cloud development. In summary, clouds cannot develop from the cool air above the lake surface as it cannot rise high enough to form clouds. 

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In recent years, the largest numbers of Somali refugees fled to all of the following countries, except __________. a. Yemen b. Kenya c. Pakistan d. the United States

C. Pakistan is the correct answer for this question good luck 

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Most active volcanoes of South America are located in what country?

Most active volcanoes in South America are found in Chile.

1. Copahue - This volcano lies in Both Chile and Argentina . Its elevation is 9,728 ft. it usually shows intense fumarolic activity. The eruptions are not explosive.

2. Paranicaota - located in both Chile and Bolivia.

3. Gaullatir - located in Chile. It is still treated as active Its most recent eruption was in  1985.

4. Lascar - located in Chile. It is an active one. The  most recent  eruption was in 1993. It is considered the most active volcano in the central Andes

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Which country is east of Spain?

The country bordering to the east of Spain is France, although a bit farther north. Italy is east from Spain but does not border Spain.

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Why does Taiwan have to enter athletes into the Olympic games under the title "Chinese Taipei"? a. because it was founded after World War II b. because all countries recognize it as a rogue state c. because all countries recognize it as a sovereign state d. because not all countries recognize it as a sovereign nation

The problem with Taiwan is that it has a dispute with China: both countries believe that they have the right to rule over both China and Taiwan! So China does not recognize Taiwan. And since China is very powerful, it can pressure other countries into not recognizing it either (most do, but  sometimes not completely).

the correct answer is:

d. because not all countries recognize it as a sovereign nation

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What countries produce acid rain or cause it

Acid rain is found in Sweden and is caused by air pollution in Britain and other countries of Europe. The pollution produced in Britain ends up mostly in Scandinavian countries- countries of northern Europe including Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In the USA, the winds blow air pollution to certain areas in Canada.

Acid rain has terrible effects on water life. Thousands of lakes in Scandinavia have no more life in them. They have received so much acid rain for so many years that  life has been snuffed out and nothing can survive in these waters. 

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Among the northern Andean countries strongly involved in the illegal coca and drug trade, __________ is now the predominant coca producer. A. Ecuador B. Bolivia C. Colombia D. Peru

The correct answer is - C. Colombia.

Colombia has a long tradition in coca production and than illegal trade with cocaine and unfortunately this is what is the country's trademark. Unlike some of the South American countries where it is noticed a drop in coca production, Colombia is actually having an increase in production, and a very significant one, every year in the past 6 years there's more and more plantations with coca and there is more and more cocaine production that ends up illegally all over the world. This process is mainly sponsored and under the wings of the Colombian cartels.

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Which African country is named after the Namib desert, one of the oldest in the world?

The country that is named after the Namib desert is Namibia.

Namibia has an area of 824, 292 km sq and is almost twice the size of Sweden. It is the second least densely populated country in the world after Mongolia and is situated along the south Atlantic coast of Africa.

It gained its independence from South Africa on March 21 1990 after the Namibian war of independence.  Its capital city is Windhoek and the spoken languages are English as well as Afrikaans.

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As a developing country reaches the status of industrialized, what happens to the birth rate?

The birth rate increase because the country need a high working population

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Which of the following countries relies on tourism more than the others? a. Romania b. Albania c. Bulgaria d. Serbia

I think its A. Romania because of the larger people visiting the place.

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Which of the following statements about early Mesopotamian civilizations is false? A. Mesopotamia was one of the first places in the world where urbanization occurred. B. Mesopotamian civilizations settled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. C. Mesopotamia was located in modern-day China. D. Mesopotamian civilizations invented the wheel.

The false statement is C: Mesopotamia was far away from modern-day China! It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rives, which is today in Iraq, Syria and partially in other neighbouring countries.

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Where is the country of Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country that is found in Southeastern Europe . It is bordered by Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Turkey and Greece to the south, Romania to the north and the Black sea to the east.

It is the 16th-largest country of Europe. It has an Area of 110, 879 km² and is larger than Iceland (103,000 km²) or slightly larger than the U.S.state of Tennessee.

Bulgaria has a population of 7.3 million people (2013). The capital city is Sofia with 1.3 million inhabitants. The Official language is Bulgarian and it is written in Cyrillic.

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How did the noblemen spend their free time in ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian noblemen usually would be very busy with their daily appointments with overseers of their much treasured land. However, music played a vital role in their lives. To pass time, they threw lavish parties. Consumption of beer, wine, and narcotics was common.

They also spent their leisure time in their own gardens next to their houses like people do today. They could go outside and relax. They also loved to over-stuff themselves and enjoy a good laugh. Fishing was also done at their free time and would go severally to river Nile. Most of the fishing was enjoyed as a timeout from hard work. They also hunted for sport. Noblemen caught wild animals.

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Does a geologist study the boundaries between countries

A Geologist studies rocks and minerals.

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