What mountain range borders India to the northeast

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I believe it's the Himalayan Mountain Range
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What did the british do with India's cotton

Took it from them and used it for themselves

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What did the british do with India's cotton

On the 1600’s cotton turned into fabrics were famous in Europe and it was at this century that the East India Company were importing unique cotton fabrics to Britain for production. Since this was more affordable than silk, middle class were interested by its use. By 1700s, Britain made India as raw source of cottons as they import and produce textiles across Europe. By 1800’s, Britain’s middle class were very concerned with hygiene that the cotton demand skyrocketed and Britain later became the biggest producer of cotton textiles instead of India. 

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A similarity between the sepoy rebellion in India and the boxer rebellion in China is that both were

The most obvious answer there would be that both were Asian races that fought against the British colonizers. Another similarity between both of these rebellions is that both of them did not succeed as well. Both the Indians and the Chinese were subjected to oppression from the British colonizers. The objectives of both of these rebellions were to remove foreign interference in their respective countries. The two countries felt like the British were taking advantage of their products and manpower. Because of this, the Sepoys in India revolted while the Boxers in China also did the same thing. 

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What is The Asian desert that borders Africa?

The Arabian Desert has a subtropical, hot desert climate, close to the climate of the Sahara Desert, the world's largest hot desert located in the North America. In fact, the Arabian Desert is an extension of the Sahara Desert over the Arabian peninsula.
Hope this helped and if you need more help that just message me instead :)

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How do you think the belief that a person could be reborn into a different caste system affected the way people lived in Ancient India?

People born into lower castes must have been unhappy about it and feeling a lack of fairness. If they did not have a hope for a better life, they could have rebelled against the system. Further, those from the lowest spheres of the society sometimes would have nothing to loose if they rebelled. This would make it even more likely that they could rebel.
The belief that if they accept the current situation gave them a hope that they could actually  have a better life in the next life. This  kept people from rebelling and maintained security and stability

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Explain why deserts are common on the leeward side of mountains

Deserts are found on the leeward side of mountains due to the what is called the rain shadow effect. When moist marine air moves inland and meets a mountain range, it is forced upward. As it rises, it cools, forming clouds and producing precipitation that falls on the windward side of the mountains.

The air that descends on the leeward side of the mountain range is much warmer and drier, producing what is termed as a rain-shadow desert. Examples of a rain-shadow desert are the deserts of the Southwestern United states.

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PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!Which of the following factors led Greek communities to build both an army and a navy? (4 points) their location on a peninsula their access to many rivers their location near the Middle East their access to mountains

I think that the emphasis is on the navy: most communities had an army, but the Greek had an army AND a navy, that is a fleet of ship and soldiers that can fight on water.

The reason for this is that Greece is located on a Peninsula: in order to defend their land they need to defend it both on land (which is the usual case for most communities) and on the waters (next to shores).

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The government of india has,since independence ,taken several steps to put an end to casteism in india. do you think that discrimination on the basis of caste no longer takes place in india ? defend your answer with example

Actually, I only have an anecdotal evidence: from my personal experience.

I know a person who described her friendship with a person from a lower caste and how hard it was for the person from the smaller caste to get a better job precisely because everyone though that she is supposed to do only lower-tier jobs, as people of her caste "should".

The discrimination is still very much present: it's really hard to overcome a very old prejudice in people: people still perceive people of lower casts as "less worthy".

If this was not the caste, the regular support from the government for the lower castes (for example reserved seats at the universities) would be discontinued. (this is an example you can use: the government still thinks it's necessary to help the lower castes, if there was no more discrimination, they would have stopped).

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The caste system in India was characterized by

♥ The caste system in India was a lack of social mobility.
This is because social mobility is very very important. 

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Which country originated the concept of a parliamentary democracy? a. India b. China c. the United States d. the United Kingdom

The answer is d because the united kingdom is the biggest

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The caste system in India was used for what purpose ?

From the point of view of the rich, it stabilized the country and provided a sense of stability: there would be no uprisings and no rebellions against the current system, as people were made to believe that it is the inherent order of nature.

So it provided stability, and reinforced the privileges of the rich.

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Write the name of one state that borders Mexico on it's proper place on the map

You didn't add a map, but maybe this will help:

the US states that border Mexico, are, from left to right:  California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (which has almost half of the border's lenght).

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In what country is the process of industrilazation still developing A. US B. India C. China D. Both b and c

India and China both are to a great extent dependent on manual labour in agriculture - which is not a sign of an industrialized country. While they both make use of technology in many sectors, the process of introducing industrial technology is not yet complete. Therefore both B and C options are correct: answer D.

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Argentina has a large range of temperatures and weather conditions. Based on this information, which of these climates does Argentina MOST LIKELY experience? A) arid B) cold C) temperate D) tropical

C. TEMPERATE is an equatorial ecosystem that has grasses as its primary producers. 

In temperate grasslands, only grasses are found unlike in Savanna where aside from grasses, trees and shrubs are also abundant. Temperate grasslands are found in less tropical ecosystem, have larger temperature fluctuation during the year, and have less rainfall.

Grasses that commonly grow in temperate grasslands includes blue gamma grass, Johnson grass, buffalo grass, and various types of wheat and burley.

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The Mexican government has struggled to control the production and trade of illegal drugs. As a result, the United States has passed legislation that encourages those addicted to drugs to move and be permanent residents of Mexico decriminalized most drugs produced in Mexico to discourage drug dealers from selling in the United States increased security along the coasts and border areas with Mexico to try to stop the entry of illegal drugs reduced trade with Mexico in most industries as a punishment for failing to stop the illegal drug trade Question 12 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

About first option:)

I don't think Mexico would agree to accept the US' addicts, so the US would be unsuccessful in the first option.

second option: )

decriminalized most drugs produced in Mexico to discourage drug dealers from selling in the United States
- this would actually be probably very efficient, as we know from the experience of some other countries, such as Portugal, but it's not true.

increased security along the coasts and border areas with Mexico to try to stop the entry of illegal drugs
-this is the correct answer, although it might not  be the most effivient

 about the forth options: )

reduced trade with Mexico in most industries as a punishment for failing to stop the illegal drug trade: no, this would not be good for either of the parties.

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The Indian subcontinent is bordered on the north by

The Indian subcontinent is bordered on the north by the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountains. The Karakoram (meaning black stone), is said to be the North Western extension of greater system of Himalayan mountains. It covers the borders between the countries Pakistan, China and India, in some regions of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, Ladakh of India, and Xinjiang region of China. Its range is about 500km in length. It is bounded by the edge of the Tibetan Plateau on the northeast.

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The classical civilizations of india and china shared which of the following traits with the Roman Empire? A. They all had agricultural economies B. They were all ruled by the warrior class C. They all relied on slavery for production D. They all followed the same religion

The correct answer in this case is that A - They all had agricultural economies.

The reason why this is so is because having a big civilization brings a demand for a lot of food with it. This is something all of the civilizations shared between each other. All of them were big and required a lot of food to be able to sustain themselves - and supplying a civilization with big amounts of food was most easily done by agriculture. 

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IN which region is Mount Rushmore located? (3 points) Midwest Southeast Northeast Northwest

Mount Rushmore, the Mountain with the sculpture of the US presidents, is located in the Pennington County in South Dakota, and South Dakota is located in the Midwestern Region of the United States; the correct answer is Midwest.

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What are some similarities between Han Dynasty and Gupta India in the GOLDEN AGE!!!! PLEASE HEPL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WORTH 30PTS

both had energetic and capable founders/early rulers. Both had capable militaries, both had same beliefs.

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How has the IT revolution affected the people in Bangalore India

The IT revolution has affected people in Bangalore India both positively and negatively. It has provided people with jobs. The disadvantage is that it has also turned Bangalore into a major city in the world with increased pollution, traffic jams, and soaring rents. The Indian government is building better infrastructure to accommodate the increasing amount of call centres and IT companies that are opening in the city. This has created jobs for security guards, IT professionals, call centre agents, construction workers and domestic worker.  

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What region(s) was each Alps and Pyrenees mountain ranges located?please help!!!!!

The Alps and Pyrenees are located in Europe, specifically in Switzerland and Spain

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The turkey is considered a sacrificial bird in which country? (a) Turkey (b) Japan (c) Mexico (d) India

In México it is consideres a sacrificial bird

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Was basketball and baseball invented in the northeast region

The answer is yes. They were both located in the northeast region (:

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What is the highest mountain in the us

Denali is the highest mountain in the us

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What was known as the Golden Age of India?

The period between the 4th century CE and 6th century CE is considered the Golden Age of India. The reason behind it is that during this time, India had progressed hugely in the fields of mathematics, religion, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and science. this was the period of the Gupta's. The decimal system and the concept of zero evolved during this time period. The Gupta's can be credited for the fact that during their reign this kind of huge progress was made in several fields. It was a time of peace and prosperity. The Golden Period came to an end due to the falling of the Gupta's at the hands of the Hunas during 6th century CE.

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What two regions and two countries does the great lakes border

The Great Lakes border America and Canada

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More than half of the population is engaged in agriculture in all of the following regions except __________. A. China B. Western Europe C. India D. Africa

The correct answer is B. Western Europe. Thart part of the world does not deal with agriculture that much because they moved on to selling services, while outsoricing their agricultural businesses and importing many of the goods that are produced in other countries where agriculture is a big thing. These are mostly post-industrialized countries.

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