Which of the following is true of RNA compared to DNA? A. It lacks phosphate groups. B. It is a single-stranded molecule. C. Its nucleotides do not have sugars. D. It contains four different nucleotides.

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And if more:Between DNA and RNA, there are three major differences: 1. DNA contains deoxyribose sugar, RNA - ribose, which has an additional, compared deoxyribose with hydroxyl group. This increases the possibility of hydrolysis of the group of the molecule, i.e. reduces the stability of an RNA molecule. 2. The nucleotide complementary to adenine, thymine in RNA does not, as in DNA and uracil - thymine unmethylated form. 3. DNA exists as a double helix consisting of two separate molecules. RNA molecule, on average, shorter and more preferably single-stranded.   based on this, select the answer yourself)!
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What is true of matter in ecosystems? A.The primary productivity of an ecosystem does not depend on the availability of nutrients. B.Living things can recycle elements within an ecosystem as long as decomposers are present. C.Matter flows in a one-way direction with a 10% loss at each move up in trophic level. D.Elements continuously cycle between the physical environment and living organisms.

Correct answer choice is:

D) Elements continuously cycle between the physical environment and living organisms.


Any nonliving matter that living things want is termed a nutrient. Carbon and nitrogen are parts of nutrients. Unlike energy, the object is converted into ecosystems. Decomposers deliver nutrients when they cut down dead organisms. When one organism eats a different organism, it takes all of its nutrients. Nutrients can also cycle out of an ecosystem. Falling leaves may be moved out of an ecosystem by a water. Decomposers cut down dead organisms into nutrients and carbon dioxide, which they respire into the air.

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Which of the following is true about ecology? A.Ecology is a philosophy that seeks to limit harm to the natural world. B.Ecology is a practice that emphasizes preservation of life. C.Ecology is an area of study that focuses on interactions in nature. D.Ecology is a strategy for sustainable living.

Ecology is a field of science; it is impartial and it studies the reality but does not have an "agenda" : the correct answer is

C.Ecology is an area of study that focuses on interactions in nature.

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Identify the pancreas as the source gland for insulin, and describe the function of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Insulin is very important. If there is excess sugar in the body, the pancreas releases insulin to take the sugar and transport it to other cells to make atp

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How many ribose molecules are found in ATP?

One ribose molecule are found in ATP.

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The process in which an animal’s cells use oxygen and digested food molecules to release the energy in food is called a. Breathing b. cellular respiration c. diffusion d. gas exchange


The correct answer would be b. cellular respiration.

Cellular respiration is defined as the set of metabolic reactions taking place in a cell in order to harness energy from food and convert it in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

It includes glycolysis, pyruvate decarboxylation, Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation (electron transport chain, and chemiosmosis).

It requires oxygen for complete oxidation of food (glucose) in order to produce ATP and release carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

The overall reaction can be written as:

C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6O₂  → 6CO₂ + 6H₂O + energy (ATP)

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True or false biology can help you learn more about your body

False. Biology is more focused on plants. to learn more about the body you should look more into anatomy or physiology.

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All cells are surrounded by a cell wall true or false

False. Animal cells has a cell membrane while a plant cell has a cell wall.

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Biology shows us the fossil record and comparative anatomies. Chemistry shows us that organic molecules can come from inorganic matter. Geology shows us that organisms that used to live together are found on separate continents due to continental drift. Which fields of science provide evidence for evolution? a.)biology only b.)biology and chemistry c.)biology and geology d.)biology, chemistry, and geology HEELLLLLP PPPLLLSSS

The answer to your question is D. To create the full picture of evolution, and how the species that exist on our planet came to exist in their current forms, it is important to take in information from all the possible fields of science including biology, chemistry and geology.

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The paper clip, which is denser than water, floats on the surface because of water's surface tension. Surface tension is a property of water that is the result of polar water molecules sticking together or water's property of A) adhesion. B) cohesion. C) buoyancy. D) capillary action.

The answer is cohesion. The high surface tension helps the paper clip (with much higher density) float on water. The property of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force, due to cohesive nature of its molecules. Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for molecules of the same kind. Water molecules have strong cohesive forces due to their ability to form hydrogen bond with each other.

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A biologist is in the process of classifying a newly discovered fungus. The observed characteristics include chitin in the cell walls and flagellated spores. To which group does the organism most likely belong?

Fungilike protocists.

The writer could assert Taxonomy. Which is responsible for many scientific classifications and influences in various field of life sciences or biology.  Evidences that Taxonomy uses to group or categorizes species range from 

"Fossil Records
Comparative anatomy
Comparative embryology
4.       Biochemical information 
Cellular structure

We also suggest that taxonomy has played various roles mainly in many aspects in Zoology, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology –aspects that include animal and human structures and functions. As the biotic community is so diverse it is classified to Biodiversity and the existence of properly assorting by set standard.

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A bacterial cells DNA is found in its a. capsule b. nucleoid region c. nucleus d. ribosomes

The answer is: b. Nucleoid region

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Which macromolecules are polymers made of nucleotides

Nucleic Acids is your answer.Hope this helps.

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Geysers are formed when groundwater is heated by nearby magma. True or False?

Geysers are hot springs in which water intermittently boils. The heating up of the water is because of the presence of the nearby magma vaporizing the water and steaming it out in the air. Therefore for this item, the answer is TRUE. Geysers are also said to be only temporary features.

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During reduction, 3-PGA reacts with ATP and NADPH. What does ATP contribute to the reaction? A. carbon B. hydrogen ions C. electrons D. phosphate group

D. phosphate group

ATP usually releases energy by breaking down the weak phosphate cell present.  The energy released due to the breaking down of the phosphate cell is then utilized. The ATP is converted to ADP. Whenever a cell feels the necessity for energy it releases a phosphate to gather the energy. It is an automatic and ongoing process. The weak bond between the second and the third phosphate is always targeted for turning ATP to ADP. This is the reason ATP is considered the main energy currency for the cell.

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Which statement correctly compares and contrasts the three stages of cellular respiration that occur in the presence of oxygen?

Cellular respiration is a cellular process in the metabolism of sugar components to produce metabolites such as lactic acid, acetic acid, aldehydes, and other components. It starts with the cleaving of the sugar component (6-carbon) to 3-carbon components until it becomes pyruvate

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What is a group of terrestrial communities that covers a large area and is characterized by certain soil

This is a biome.

Biomes really do cover large areas, for example there is one biome stretching from France to central Russia (temperate broadleaf forrest). They are characterized by a similar soil and a shared community of animals and plants.

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What is true of saturated fatty acids?

Saturated fatty acids are the type of fatty acids where all of them have single bonds. Their name comes from the fact that usually the second bond they have will be broken up and because of this each half of the bond can be saturated (attached to) with a hydrogen atom that can be available in near vicinity. It is worth noting that thhe fatty acids of fish and plants are mostly unsaturated (either mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated) while the fatty acids of animals are mostly saturated. 

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After DNA is duplicated,what is it called?

After dna gets duplicated it is called cloning

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What does DNA stand for


It stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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The process of grouping things based on their similarities

Classification is the answer!

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Science gains knowledge by trusting in authority. True False

Science gains knowledge by verifying facts and evidence.

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Which would provide the body with the most energy? a. Carrying oxygen from the lungs to the cells b. Breaking the bonds in a disaccharide c. Breaking a single carbon bond d. Creating bonds to make a simple sugar

b. Breaking the bonds in a disaccharide. Disaccharides are sugars, sugars are the body's primary fuel. Starch for example is the complex sugar found in plants, broken down in the body to form glucose which is a great source of energy for the body. When the stomach digests food, the carbohydrate in the food breaks down into another type of sugar.

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Classify each of the following as an atom, a compound, or a molecule: the smallest possible “piece” of gold (Au) the smallest possible “piece” of quartz (SiO2) water (H2O) what a molecule of CO2 is made of hydrogen gas (H2)

Gold is an atom, quartz is a compound, water is a molecule, CO2 is a molecule, H2 is a molecule.

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What type of biological molecule is catalase?

Catalase is a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms exposed to oxygen.

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In addition to phospholipids, which of the following organic molecules are also a part of cellular membranes?

Fattyacid and glycerol is also the part of cell membrane.

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What is NOT true about prokaryotes a. They have a nucleus. b. They are more simple than eukaryotes c. They were the first kinds of life on Earth. d. They are the most abundant organisms on Earth.

A) - is not true, they don't have a nucleus! In fact that's their definition: They lack nucleus, mitochondria and all other organelle too.
b) - true

c) - true!
d) true!

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Which statement is true concerning light? Frequency and wavelength mean the same thing As frequency goes up, wavelength does down Light has frequency but no wavelength Light has wavelength but no frequency

Freq. and wavelength are NOT the same. When one goes up, the other goes down -thats TRUE Light does behave like a wave so it has both freq and wavelength

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