Write the number in word form. An amoeba is one of the larger creatures of the microscopic world. The length of a typical amoeba is .0008 meters.

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The conversion from meter to millimeter is to multiply the value to 1000 so the size of an ameoba written in word is point eight millimeters in converting from meters to millimeter 
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Find the sum. write the sum as a mixed number , so the fractional part is less than 1. 4 1/2 + 2 1/2 ?

To answer this problem:

1. 4+2 is 6
2. 1/2 +1/2 is 1 whole
3. After finding these two steps, you add 1 and 6 together giving you...
4. 1 + 6 is 7. 
That's your answer, hopefully this helped ;) 

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Which number, when substituted for x, makes the equation 4x+8=164x+8=16 true?



Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given an equation 4x+8=16. we are asked to find the value of x that makes our given equation true.

Let us solve our given equation for x using opposite operations.

Subtract 8 from both sides:



Divide both sides by 4:



Therefore, x=2 is the solution for our given equation.

Let us verify our answer:





Both sides are equal. Hence proven x=2 is solution for our given equation.

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A school sells boxes of cookies each year for a charity fund. The data set shows the number of boxes the 10 families living on Willow Avenue buy, on average, every year. {2, 3, 2, 2, 0, 5, 2, 1, 1, 3} Does this data have negative, positive, or zero skew?


This data set has zero skew as it is symmetric.

Step-by-step explanation:

We know that the symmetry exist in a data when the mean, median and mode of the data is same.

i.e. we are given a set of data as:

              {2, 3, 2, 2, 0, 5, 2, 1, 1, 3}

  • On arranging the data in increasing order we get :

    0  1   1   2   2   2   2   3   3   5

Hence, the value that occur in the middle is: 2

Hence, we have Median=2

  • Also, the mean is calculated as follows:


              Hence, Mean=2.1

  • Also, the mode of the data is the most frequently occurring data point in the set.

Here 2 occurs most number of times i.e. 4 times and hence we have:


Now, as the Mean, Median and Mode of the data are approximately same.

      Hence, we get the data is symmetric and hence has a zero skew.

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A line contains the points (82, −96) and (87, −86) . What is the slope of the line in simplified form?

A line contains the points (82, −96) and (87, −86) .What is the slope of the line in simplified form?
Here are the points: (82, −96) and (87, −86) You could let x1=82 and x2=87

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Round the number 18.7993 to the nearest hundredth

18.8 is your answer or 18.80 either one will work :)

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15 is how many times more than 5? Write the expression not the answer.

Huh well, you can do 5 times x = 15 or 15/5 = x
x is the answer

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A snail can crawl 2/5 of a meter in a minute how many minutes will it take the snail to crawl 6 meters

In 1 minute, snail crawls = 2/5 meter = 0.40 m = 40 cm
So, for 6 m (600 cm), it will take = 600/40 = 60/4 = 15 minutes

In short, Your Answer would be 15 minutes

Hope this helps!

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20% of a number is x. What is 100% of the number? Assume x>0.

100% of a number would be 5 * 20.


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Hannah has 127 books in her collection. Her school is hosting a book donation. There are z students at her school, and they each plan to donate the same number of books and reach a total donation of 300 books! How many books will Hannah have in her collection after her donation? Write your answer as an expression.



Step-by-step explanation:                                                                          There were 150 students who donated a total of b books.

The students donated an average of b/150 books each.

Hannah donated 3 times as many books as the average.

b/150 * 3 = b/50

Hannah donated b/50 books.

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33% of what number is 1.45?

It is 4.39 hope it helps

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Thomas buys a cardboard sheet that is 12 by 8 inches. Create an equation for this situation, find the zeros, and sketch the function. What is the size of the cutout he needs to make so that he can fit the maximum amount of food in the box? If Thomas wants a volume of 12 cubic inches, what size does the cutout need to be? What would be the dimensions of this box? Using complete sentences, explain the connection between the cutout and the volume of the box. Design an equation that would work for any cardboard sheet length, q, and width, p.

For the answer to the question above,

1. If we let x as the side of the square cut-out, the formula for the capacity (volume) of the food dish is:
V = (12 - 2x)(8 - 2x)(x)
V = 96x - 40x^2 + 4x^3
To find the zeros, we equate the equation to 0, so, the values of x that would result to zero would be:
x = 0, 6, 4

2. To get the value of x to obtain the maximum capacity, we differentiate the equation, equate it to zero, and solve for x.
dV/dx = 96 - 80x + 12x^2 = 0
x = 5.10, 1.57
The value of x that would give the maximum capacity is x = 1.57

3. If the volume of the box is 12, then the value of x can be solved using:
12 = 96x - 40x^2 + 4x^3
x = 0.13, 6.22, 3.65
The permissible value of x is 0.13 and 3.65

4. Increasing the cutout of the box increases the volume until its dimension reaches 1.57. After that, the value of the volume decreases it reaches 4.

5. V = (q -2x) (p - 2x) (x)

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Which expression shows how to find the number of students that play each instrument. How many students play the clarinet?

8=f/2=answer hope this helps

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8.97 in expanded form

8 + 100 , 9 + 10 , 7 + 1
is that what you meant 

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Drag and drop numbers into the boxes so that the paired values are in a proportional relationship




Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

A relationship between two variables, x, and y, represent a direct variation if it can be expressed in the form y/x=k or y=kx

we have

1) For y=0.2, x=1

Find the value of k

0.2/1=k -------> k=0.2

2) For y=1, x=5

Find the value of k

1/5=k -------> k=0.2

3) For y=2, x=?

Find the value of x

x=y/k -------> x=2/0.2=10

4) For y=3, x=15

Find the value of k

3/15=k -------> k=0.2

5) For y=?, x=25

Find the value of x

y=kx -------> y=0.2*25=5

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The sum of one and the product of one and a number x

X+1 or 1+x because 1 multiply x is x 

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What number does ▲ stand for in this equation? 6 × 3 = (▲ × 5) – (▲ × 2)

It stands for the number 6

hope this helps you

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Explain why it does not matter what letter or aymbolis used to find an unknown number


The letters, aymbolis, and/or symbols are only used to mark where there is supposed to be an unknown number. Therefor they can be anything from A-Z.

I hope this helps!

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4. Let f(x)=-2x+7 and g(x)=-6x+3. Find f×g and state its domain A. 12x^2-48x+21;all real numbers B. -14x^2+36x-18;all real numbers except x=7 C. -14x^2+36x-18;all real numbers D. 12x^2-48x+21;all real numbers except x=1

I hope this helps you

(f.g) (x)=(-2x+7)(-6x+3 )




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Write an equation point slope form for the line that goes through the given point with the given slope. (-4,-2);m=-1/2

Y - y1 = m(x - x1)
slope(m) = -1/2
(-4,-2)...x1 = -4 and y1 = -2
now we sub
y - (-2) = -1/2(x - (-4) =
y + 2 = -1/2(x + 4) <=====

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Two numbers have a difference of 0.7 and a sum of 1. What are the two numbers?

x= 0.85

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A coin is tossed and a number cube a rolled. What is the probablity that the coin shows tails and the die shows a 1 or a 2 ?

The sample space for this event is {H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6,T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6}
There are 12 possibilities.
The probability that we get a T1 or T2 is 2/12 or 1/6.

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Which is an equation in a slope intercept form for the line passing through (5,1) and (-4,7) A: y=-2/3x+13/3 B: y=-2/3x-13/3 C: y=2/3x-13/3 D: y=2/3x+13/3

The answer is A.
tbch i plugged them into a graphing calculator... ,:D too tired atm

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One foot is equal to 12 inches. The function I(f) takes a length in feet (as input) and returns a length in inches (as output). I(f) = 12f If the output number is 36, what was the input number?

This question is actually really easy!

All you need to do is divide 36 by 12.

And you get... 3!!!

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I need help finding q'(7) where q(x) = f(x)/g(x) because: F is a zig zag line and at x = 7 the coordinates are: (7,5) however the slope is negative on the left and positive on the right so I can't use your regular slope form to figure out how to find the derivative. g(x)'s slope is .5 at the point, where the point is equal to (7, 2.5).

Remember the difference quotient
the deritivie of f(x)/g(x) is  \frac{f'(x)g(x)-g'(x)f(x)}{(g(x))^2}
q'(7)= \frac{f'(7)g(7)-g'(7)f(7)}{(g(7))^2}
q'(7)= \frac{f'(7)(2.5)-(0.5)(5)}{2.5^2}
q'(7)= \frac{f'(7)(2.5)-2.5}{6.25}
now find the slope of f(x) at x=7
take the deritive and evaluate
(try googling a deritive calculator)
or just ask me

the answer is  \frac{f'(7)(2.5)-2.5}{6.25}
just find the slope of f(x) at x=7 (that is the slope at that specitific point, not for the whole graph)

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Write an equation for the translation of x^2+y^2=16 by 8 units left and 3 units down

So if you didn't know x^2 + y^2 = r^2 is the equation of a circle where the center is at the origin. It is usually written as (x-h)^2 + (y-k)^2 = r^2. So if we are moving it to the left by 8 units we write:

(x+8)^2 + (y-k)^2 = 16

Next we move it 3 units down, so we get:

(x+8)^2 + (y+3)^2 = 16

That is your answer. Hope this helps! :D

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